Rear Conversion


Alphard Sand Zebrano Inside Alphard Sand Zebrano Bongo Jo Lockyer Inside (3) Bongo Rear Coolbox Driftwood Bongo Rear Dark Zebrano (2) Bongo Rear Driftwood Bongo Rear Graffitti Grey Bongo Tailgate Fridge Elgrand driftwood

Narrow width rear conversion increases bed length by 100mm but reduces storage, no provision to fit a fridge but can fit a cool box. Can also be had without seat boxes  or with seat boxes , and cushions 

Other options as the “Outback” apart from fridge. Therefore;

If you only want to keep the flexibility of your Bongo as an MPV, van and camper then this is the conversion for you…..

Can be removed easily and your third row of seats refitted…

Turns into a camper in under 10 minutes…..

Remove the rear seat (4 bolts) then lift the modular assembly into the rear of the vehicle.

Fits along the back of the vehicle in place of the last set of rear seats, the middle remaining seat is turned around to face the conversion (can have the option to leave it forward facing) and the two side seats create a seated dining area for five! Further benefits with the ability to use the kitchen from the outside as well as the inside (nice when it’s hot or the van is full of people!!)

When the middle seat is facing the rear, lapbelts can be used from the rear seat (now removed) and the existing one to create two rear facing belted seats.
The bed makes up easily by lowering the table into the area between the two side seats, a cushion then goes over it, you then lay the middle seat flat to create the bed which utilises the full width of the vehicle!

Fitted with two burner gas hob, stainless steel sink with electric water pump fed from a 12 litre water tank. Loads of storage with underseat areas, rear cupboards and a top locker Also a dedicated gas locker, and provision for a Portaloo and a proper 39 litre compressor fridge…..(cool box can be used)

Can be sent (assembled) or you can collect assembled in Southampton.  We also have a demo unit for viewing fitted to a Bongo.

What is supplied?

•Light grey Vohringer ply cut and trimmed.
•Three upholstered cushions with 2 inch foam (fitted with a zip for cleaning)
•Stainless SMEV hob and sink
•Flexible gas pipe and regulator
•Water tap
•Water tank x 2 (12 litre)
•Water pump with correct water pipe fitted and electric connector for cig lighter on NSR door panel.
•Correct table runner and folding leg (Fitted to table)


Lift main unit into the vehicle through the back, turn 90 degrees and line up with rear plastic slam panel. Side seats free stand and then screw into your side panels and main unit with bolts and angle brackets to the seat runners / mounting points)  TAKES LESS THAN 15 MINUTES AND THE SAME TO REMOVE!!

•39 litre compressor fridge (really need second battery with this option)

  • Mains electrics and second battery includes battery tray, 2nd battery, split charge relay, RCD/MCB protection, 240v charger, mains hook up flap (fitted into vehicle side) (done at Southampton)
  • Glass lid hob either an 8222 or twin lid 9222

Ask about our  “whilst you wait” install service for the Outback

Main unit – 1 hour

Swivel seat – 1 hour

Full electrics – 2 hours

  • Swivel bench seat (see other page on this web site for details)DEMO UNIT VIEWABLE IN SOUTHAMPTON, FITTED IN A BONGO